Gingivitis How To Cure At Home Safely: Can It Be Reverse?

Gingivitis is generally the first stage of gum disease which later causes tooth loss. The early signs and symptoms of gingivitis comprise swollen, red and inflamed gums, which might bleed when an individual brushes of his teeth. Unfortunately, it is becoming common regardless of that is preventable.

gingivitis how to cure

How to cure gingivitis in a week might not be possible however there are things you can do to diminish the risk. In this article, we have deep-researched and came up with different and dependable home remedies accessible to help you treat your gingivitis,. Without further ado, allow me to take you the below safe and top ways to fight irritation from gingivitis.

The prompt treatment typically reverses signs and symptoms of gingivitis alongside preventing it from progression to severe tooth loss and gum disease. Thus, you have a chance for effective and successful treatment once you adopt the below dairy routine of oral health care.

How To Cure Gingivitis At Home Naturally?

  • Professional dental cleaning

The initial professional cleaning help in getting rid of tartar traces of the plaque and bacterial products. This process is known as root planning and scaling.

Generally, scaling tends to eradicate bacterial products as well as tartar produced by the inflammation, discourages future buildup of bacterial /tartar, smoothen root surface, and allows appropriate healing. Besides, this process might also be performed utilizing instruments, ultrasonic devices, or lasers.

  • Ongoing care

Gingivitis tends to clear up once you have gone through professional clean and some home remedies as you also continue with proper oral hygiene from home. Essentially, your dentist will aid you in planning an effective home program to often cleaning and checkups.

  • Dental restoration if required

Poorly fitting crowns or misaligned teeth, bridges, and other dental restorations might sometimes irritate someone’s gums, making them harder to eventually remove the plaque in oral care.

Therefore, if the dental restorations or a tooth is contributing to your gingivitis, kindly consult the dentist to fix the problems. In conjunction with that, you can try supplements such as Dentitox Pro which is very effective. Dentitox Pro Reviews consumer reports are trending positively many consumers get good results using it.

And Last Option is to try Steel Bite Pro. According to Steel Bite Pro Reviews online reports, it is the best Oral health supplement, the only drawback it can be very expensive.

Home Remedies that can help cure gingivitis

  • Mouthwash

Try mouthwash to relieve your signs and symptoms of gingivitis. In this case, avoid swallowing the mouthwash after swishing it over your mouth. Further, ensure you will purchase the prescription and over-the-counter mouthwashes to prevent counterfeit of fake products. Different types of mouthwash are

  • Lemongrass oil: to make it dilute three to two drops of the lemongrass oil in a cup of pure water. Further, swish your mixture in your mouth for about 30 seconds, followed by spitting out. Repeat three or two times in a day for best results.
  • Tea tree oil: adds about three to four drops of this oil in a cup of lukewarm water. Further, swish your mixture in the mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting out. Repeat the process about three times a day.
  • Guava leaves: this mouthwash help in controlling the plaque because it is rich in antibacterial qualities. Further, it can also lower inflammation. You need about six guava leaves, followed by adding one cup of boiling water. Besides, the blending results should be left to simmer for about 15 minutes before being used.
  • Saltwater rinse

Saltwater is believed to have disinfectant qualities to aid the body heal. The research claimed that rinsing your mouth using this mixture can quickly relieve your inflamed gums against gingivitis. Also read: How to stop receding Gums At Home

Therefore, put boiling water in a glass, allow it to cool, and mix about four and three teaspoons of salt into it. Further, swirl your saltwater rinse in the mouth before spitting it out. You can repeat the process thrice per day for excellent results.

  • Turmeric gel

This gel is utilized in different home remedies because it is rich in anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The 2015 study claimed that turmeric gel can eventually prevent gingivitis and plaque effectively. Thus, to use it, consider applying it on your gums followed by leaving it for about ten minutes, and after rinse with water, spit.

  • Clove application

Different studies claim that cloves can prevent and reduce tooth inflammation. This is because they are rich in antioxidants and antiviral properties and also aid in relieving pain.

To use them, mince one teaspoon of the cloves and dip the damp of the cotton ball to minced cloves to get much of it on your cotton ball. Rub your clove-coved ball around your gums gently and swish the water around the mouth to eventually collect the remaining cloves. Lastly, spit the mixture out and wait for the (1) results.

  • Oil pulling

This treatment comprises swirling oil right around your mouth for about 30 minutes. Besides, this might reduce oral bacterial and combat the buildup of plaque, which causes gingivitis.

However, to eventually try this process, individuals should use two teaspoons of qualified oil in the mouth, followed by swirling it around your mouth for about 30 minutes and spit it. Arimedadi oil, coconut oil are among the best and functional oils claimed to prevent plaque buildup alongside easing the gingivitis signs and symptoms.

How to prevent gingivitis from coming again?

This is part of ensuring proper dental hygiene. Therefore, the professional recommends that we should visit our dentist once a year if we really want to stay get rid of gum disease. And if you are among the individuals with minor health problems, you need to see your dentist often. Overall during the dairy routine, ensure you:

  1. Floss your teeth once a day
  2. Brush at least twice a day
  3. Utilize the natural mouthwash twice or once per day; further eating the healthy diet with minerals and vitamins necessary for oral health also contributes to helping the gingivitis and other related gum diseases.

When should I see the dentist?

Whenever you notice that your gums are excessively bleeding after you brush or turn inflamed and red, this is a sign of gingivitis. And if the above home remedies and professional treatments won’t work, this should be the best time to consult your doctor for advice. Further, if you experience serious swelling, bleeding you should see your dentist as soon as possible.


How to cure gingivitis at home in a week may not be an easy process. Without appropriate oral hygiene, the plague may build up and cause gingivitis. And if left untreated, gingivitis will cause periodontitis and much more. Therefore, to avoid severe conditions in your teeth and gums consider the above helpful and dependable treatments and home remedies to eventually keep your mouth safe.


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