Silencil Scam Complaints Review: Is The Supplement Effective?

Silencil is a hearing aid supplement with different ingredients made to reduce or completely eradicate signs and symptoms related to many individuals hearing issues like tinnitus.

The formula has been popular among some but there are concerns when it comes to the safety of the supplement. Let us look at the Silencil reviews from customers including the latest scams many consumers have been complaining about

silencil independent reviews

Tinnitus can ruin your life and your day-to-day activities, making you unproductive. This hearing problem causes significant and adverse effects on someone’s life, where it’s estimated that about 52 million individuals in America are suffering from tinnitus.

With tinnitus patients moving from one place to another seeking an effective and dependable supplement that can reduce or heal their tinnitus, silencil comes to their rescue. I made an honest and comprehensive report based on the latest Silencil customer reviews to educate you regarding this supplement recently in the market. Its reviews will be surprising because of what we found.

Silencil Reviews Overview:

The ProsThe Cons
Reduces inflammationOnly available on their own website

Protects the brain

You should first consult a licensed doctor or professional
if you have a serious medical condition
Increases mental functionSilencil user reviews send some mixed signals.
Boost the cognitive function
Keeps heart healthy
Increases the energy levels

What is silencil?

Silencil is a brain support formula that connects the brain and the body to help eliminates tinnitus or ringing in the ears.
This supplement was invented by fellow tinnitus survive who have suffered ringing in the ears for years now. According to Henry Sanders, he invented this formula after carrying extensive research about tinnitus.

Does it Work?

Based on the official site, this supplement is designed to work via removing the viral accumulations which might be present in cranial centers while also mitigating symptoms linked to neural inflammation, which causes tinnitus.

Silencil supplement contains natural ingredients made to reduce or completely eradicate signs and symptoms related to many individuals hearing issues like tinnitus.

Silencil Customer Reviews

Silencil independent reviews from customers show that the formula is trending positively however there are quite a few consumers who claimed their experience side effects but overall the supplement meet the satisfaction of most consumers.

How Silencil works?

Silence Works by lowering excess neurotransmitters, which can induce the overstimulation of auditory nerves. Overall, this supplement is formulated in a particular way to reduce buzzing, ringing, and irritating perception of tinnitus sounds. The chemical imbalance right in-ears often tends to cause tinnitus.

Further, this supplement also aids in lowering inflammation and prevents severe side effects from tinnitus. Behind silence, there are natural ingredients that are particularly formulated to fully address brain inflammation.

Below are four specific ways how silencil pills work:

  1. The first stage: Reduces the brain inflammation
  2. Second stage: Heals the brain
  3. The third stage: Improves brain health
  4. The fourth stage: Protects the brain against damage

Silencil ingredients:

  • Skullcap

This is anti-inflammatory with exceptional circulatory benefits. Besides, this herbal medicine was traditionally used to ease headaches, prevent high cholesterol, and soothes mental pains. Overall, skullcap got different medical uses in fighting tinnitus.

  • Oat straw

This is a specific type of grass that the Chinese used as medicine for eons. And it’s rich in multi-faceted, which can address different aliments from constipation and cholesterol, among others. Further, this compound is also used in helping the nervous system, promote calmness and reduce inflammation while easing symptoms of tinnitus.

  • Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn is a helpful and fantastic antioxidant you will mostly find in every tinnitus supplement. This compound is rich in polyphenols with simple antioxidants, which got anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Mucuna Pruiens

This compound is mostly used because it provides the body with several benefits. The seed from this compound tends to impact brain inflammation, reduces inflammation, and improves mental health. Further, mucuna also can enhance mood and lower stress.

  • Gaba

This is an exceptional compound which several benefits for mental health. It can aid in encouraging the release of serotonin, and these are moon-stabilizing hormones.

  • Chamomile

This is the most significant relaxing ingredient, and it got similar effects lowering and calming the blood sugar. In addition, it helps to reduce the inflammation in the patient’s brain.

  • Rhodiola

Rhodiola helps to manage the release of the cortisol hormones that might cause undue anxiety and stress. Still, this ingredient can help to right fatigue, improve brain function, among others related.

  • Vitamins

These vitamins are B1, B6, B2, tested and approved to serve different purposes. They ensure patients’ entire bodies receive the necessary support and overall body functioning. The vitamins also can help to lower risk issues related to the intestines, heart, and more.

Health benefits of silence

  • Reduces inflammation

Some of the silencil ingredients, such as hawthorn, allow the pinched nerves to vibrate in the patient’s brain to typically open the back up towards fighting tinnitus. Once the nerves get enough space they require, they start intense healing.

  • Protects the brain

Many degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are linked with brain inflammation and tinnitus. Therefore, this condition can cause inability to concentrate, memory loss, and rapid deterioration of the patient’s brain. And by combatting all these issues, this supplement protects from this severe disorder.

  • Increases mental function

This formula has beneficial nutrients designed to strengthen the patient brain’s neural network. Further, it also makes your brain more active, has sharper memory, and increases focus.

  • Boost the cognitive function

It contains natural ingredients which can eliminate the brain’s fog, so it’s presented as the best cognitive booster.

  • Keeps heart healthy

According to its official site, these supplements can also help in keeping the patient’s heart-healthy by ensuring your body is getting adequate oxygen and nutrients it needs as well as regulating the blood pressure.

  • Increases the energy levels

The producer also claims that his supplements can also increase someone’s energy levels, most probably when consumed in the morning.

Why Should you buy this formula?

Silencil is back by science and several research studies indicates this formula really target the root cause of tinnitus. If you are looking for an alternative you can try Sonus Complete or Tinnitus 911. They are proven to be the best tinnitus supplement, you can read the latest Sonus Complete review to learn more.

Silencil side effects and How long does it take to start seeing results?

As per the company’s website, the supplement is completely safe to use and back science however several Silencil Complaints indicate if overuse you may experience nausea and upset stomach.

The ingredients in this formula are claimed to work rapidly when it comes to reducing brain inflammation. They absorb into your body quickly compared to traditional prescription medicines. However, expect the full benefits of silence to happen after reducing or completely stopping tinnitus.

Where to purchase?

The only method you can receive these supplements is through their official site. Each bottle of silence comes with 30 capsules, enough for one month. And the producer recommends consuming one pill each day using a glass of water.

Conclusion Silencil For tinnitus

I can conclude that this is a supplement with enticing reviews from the users. It is claimed to quickly offer relief to tinnitus condition because it starts fighting the primary cause in the patient’s brain. Further, it reduces inflammation, improves brain health that causes tinnitus. Try it to relieve and lessen that irritation and intolerable experiencing caused by ringing in the ears.


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