How To Fix Receding Gums Without Surgery: 6 Crucial Steps

If you have been suffering from gum recession when you floss or brush your teeth, you testify how this condition seems to be hectic. In this case, the recession gums tend to indicates severe underlying issues.

Some factors such as pregnancy, injury, vigorously and inflammation can also contribute to having recession gums but knowing how to stop receding gums from getting worse can help you avoid spending thousands of dollars in dental care.

how do you stop receding gums

Generally, gum inflammation may cause swelling, redness, and tenderness. This is one sign of periodontal disease like periodontitis and gingivitis due to inadequate plaque removal. When your gums begin falling away right from the teeth severely, they even expose the specific root of your tooth, which is a much sensitive part.

Essentially, it is also vital to note that the gum recession cannot happen one night but is primarily a result of the accumulation of decades and decades of gum disease and inflammation.

And this directly tends to effects the primary collagen fibers in your gums, causing loss of tautness and strength, causing them to pull away and sag from the teeth.

Fortunately, this condition is reversible and can be stopped since it develops with stages. Without further ado, allow me to take you through the top steps and practices that may help

How to prevent gum recession Naturally

  • Use green tea

The first benefit of using green tea in reversing gum receding is that it is rich in several oral minerals and vitamins. Further, it is among the natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Utilizing it often can typically burn excess fat, reduce inflammation relieve stress, and help treat the health of your gums. Additionally, it also helps in gum sticking to teeth and keeping them right from receding away.

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  • Use lemon oil

The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial traits in lemon oil are essential when it comes to this irritation condition. Generally, lemon oil is sour, so mix it using warm and swallow it directly. This oil will fight several infections that may cause the gum to recede.

  • Use cloves

Cloves are claimed to be natural and safe ingredients in receding gums. Further, they are also common in most fillings and pastes out there. And this is because this oil acts as a pain killer, natural analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties to help lower inflammation alongside treating gum disease and slowing recession procedures.

  • Use vitamin C

Among the significant reasons for skin disease and gum is lack of vitamin C. deficiency of this vitamin tends to cause swelling, inflammation, and gums and skin becoming brittle and weak.

Therefore, eating a healthy diet containing the proper amount of vitamin C should be one part of treating this condition from home. Try dairy intakes such as Tomatoes, lemons, oranges, and broccoli. also Read: Gum Grafting Cost

  • Aloe vera

Many of us know or even have used Aloe Vera in different skin creams to help achieve smoothness, stay shiny, and be young. On the other side, this principle applies to utilizing aloe vera on our gums because of its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent. Further, it is claimed to also strengthen collagen, which is responsible for keeping your gums tight and robust.

  • Use sage

Using sage tea to treat your dental issues and pains got a long history and impressive benefits. Generally, traditionally individuals used to mostly chew the stems and leaves of plants directly to fight oral problems.

It operates well because its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are major when it comes to lower swelling and gum inflammation.

What are some alternative ways to reduce the risk?

Our recommendation is to try supplements such as Dentitox Pro and Steel Bite Pro. These formulas already contain all the necessary ingredients to fight gum recession. Also, remember this is not an overnight process it may take time but it will eliminate the risk of your gums getting worse.

What are the symptoms of receding gums?

  1. Red and Swollen gums
  2. Bad breath
  3. Loose teeth
  4. Bad taste in the mouth

Besides, someone might also notice your specific bite is not the same. Further, you will start seeing that the gums are tender and have some light pain. The receding gums become susceptible due to bacterial growth. Also read: How to cure Gingivitis at home safely: Can it be reversed naturally?


How to stop receding gums from getting worse (R1)can be a crucial step to avoid spending thousands of dollars on dental health. Do not delay seeing a health care professional if it’s getting infected or if you feel something is not right.

If the bone and soft tissue that is holding your teeth in a specific place start becoming infected, the professional can conclude you have begun experiencing the gum disease. And if this condition and infection are not checked for a long time, your gums will begin pulling away right from your teeth, known as receding.

Fortunately, with the above home remedies treatments, someone may prevent the gum from receding within the shortest time possible. Follow them in detail for excellent results and also hope for the best.


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