What Are Dental Probiotics: Do They Actually Work?

What Are Dental Probiotics: Does It Work? Probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial to humans. They serve multiple purposes, including the prevention of cavities and bad breath, and result in improved gum health. Additionally, probiotics are responsible for boosting the good bacteria that naturally exist in our mouths and preventing the multiplication of harmful bacteria.

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As a result, certain oral conditions are prevented, including tooth decay and periodontitis. Such conditions are typically caused by high levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Unlike what most people believe, probiotics are supported by years of research. Nevertheless, the number of human clinical trials is limited. They have multiple potential oral benefits that they can offer, most of which have been highlighted in this document. It also explains what is oral probiotics and whether they benefit teeth and gums.

What are Dental Probiotics, and Do They Work?

Dental probiotics aren’t different from other probiotics. Much like most other probiotics, they are safe for human consumption. When consumed in sufficient amounts, dental probiotics can have beneficial effects on the human body and health in general. Traditionally, antibiotics were used to get rid of pathogenic bacteria. 

However, most of the bacteria demonstrated resistance to some of the administered antibiotics. This prompted medical researchers to begin researching probiotics’ efficacy in treating oral health issues. Although these studies are still being conducted and are incomplete, they have already produced many positive and encouraging results.

Advantages of Oral Probiotics

The human mouth is filled with both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Naturally, aerobic germs require oxygen to grow, while anaerobic germs do not. Different germs are associated with different forms of oral problems. For example, the germs or bacteria that cause periodontitis are not the same bacteria that will result in cavity formation.

Consequently, users might need to utilize separate bacterial strains to address these dental concerns. The user needs to be careful when picking probiotic supplements because one supplement might not cater to all the dental problems experienced. However, whichever oral issue you might be going through, here are some benefits you will get from using oral probiotics.

  • Oral Probiotics Eliminate Bad Breath

Most people use garlic and onions to treat bad breath. Unfortunately, this only works for some items, leaving them with worse breath. Even though what we eat also gives us lousy breath, harmful oral bacteria are primarily responsible for many malodors in people with halitosis.

Although most people might use toothpaste to try and counter the problem, the results will only last for a short time. Therefore, users should utilize dental probiotics that alleviate halitosis by targeting harmful bacteria strains inside the mouth. The majority of bad bacteria are found on the tongue. 

While scraping your tongue with a toothbrush might help you eliminate a large amount of bacterial buildup, you might not be able to access those found on each bumpy papilla. If you struggle with bad breath, the only solution is to incorporate a probiotic supplement into your regular home oral care regimen. Also

  • Inhibits the Development of Oral Cancer

Several studies on oral probiotics indicated that a specific probiotic known as L.plantarum inhibits the development of oral cancer and other forms of cancer. Regularly using such a supplement reduces the risk and growth of cancerous cells and the spread of cancerous tissues in the gums and tongue.

  • Probiotic Supplements Prevent Respiratory Infections

Studies have also revealed that people struggling with active periodontitis risk several respiratory problems, including deadly pneumonia. Such illnesses are perpetuated by dental bacteria and have everything to do with inhaling harmful bacteria into the respiratory tract. Once numerous amounts of these germs reach the lungs, they result in some irritation, which eventually results in pneumonia.

Fortunately, since probiotic supplements can help manage the levels of harmful oral bacteria, users can utilize them to promote better respiratory wellness while maintaining their dental health at the same time.

  • Probiotics Limit the Risk of Tooth Decay

Certain types of dental probiotics assist in the reduction of erosive bacteria present in the mouth. When erosive bacteria are reduced or eliminated, the risk of tooth decay is lowered. Clinical studies have indicated that L.salivarius is one of the most effective probiotics that reduces or eliminates tooth decay. 

Therefore, if you are seeking to lower the risk of cavities, you will want to be sure that the product you are about to buy is trustworthy and contains the appropriate types of probiotic strains. You should consider a probiotic supplement if you already have a high risk of dental caries. Also, if you experience cavities after hours of brushing your teeth and flossing your gums, you should try dental probiotics.

  • Probiotics Have the Ability to Balance You Out and Prevent Oral Thrush

Yeast infections, such as thrush, can develop during bacterial overgrowth. A dental probiotic is strongly advised to assist balance your mouth out, particularly if you’re taking antibiotics or you’re immunocompromised to the point where you’re always prone to oral thrush.

Taking oral probiotics allows you to choose which bacterial strains you send back into your body. They also kill undesirable bacteria while protecting the beneficial ones. Also read: Can Probiotic help with receding gum?

  • Reduces Bacterial Collection Around the Tonsils

Generally speaking, larger or pitted tonsils are more prone to bacterial imbalance. It has been demonstrated that some oral probiotics can lessen bacterial buildup around the tonsils. Therefore, consuming probiotic supplements daily could significantly impact your general health if you frequently suffer from sticking tonsil stones, tonsillitis, and strep throat.

  • Manage Symptoms of Gingivitis 

Probiotics may help with the alleviation of symptoms of gingivitis, that is according to a study from 2006 Trusted Source. Gingivitis is also frequently called Gum disease and may result in sensitive teeth and swollen, brittle gums. In a given study, 59 participants with gingivitis were given a pill containing a placebo, while others got a probiotic microbe known as Lactobacillus Reuters.

The results indicated that participants who got a large dose of probiotics had the most significant improvement in gingivitis symptoms and experienced reduced plaque.

Final Verdict

Dental probiotics are living microorganisms that are safe for human consumption. Based on the studies conducted by trusted sources and other platforms, dental probiotics can have valuable effects on human health when consumed in sufficient amounts. If you are looking for a good oral probiotic supplement go with Prodentim.


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