Widex Hearing Aids Reviews

One specific brand many hearing specialists might mention to patients is Widex. In this case, someone might have countless questions about Widex. What exactly makes it different? Can someone exchange or return it? How much does it cost and many other related questions?

widex hearing aid price list

Fortunately, I got you covered. Below is a comprehensive post on the latest Widex hearing aids reviews to help you understand more about it in detail before using it.

Introducing Widex Hearing Aid

This is a recent and most popular hearing technology company which was back created in 1956 in Denmark. Widex is known for an enhanced hearing aid as it deals with very innovative methods of delivering the best possible sound performance and quality in real-life situations such as noise.

Generally, Widex specializes in the best hearing care and hearing solution for patients with different hearing loss problems. Besides, they don’t sell their products right to their clients but they invite you to their clinics for checkups with a hearing specialist first here in the United States. Overall, Widex hearing aids are completely programmable alongside offering wireless connectivity.

Top Rated Widex Hearing aids Reviews 2021:

  • Unique Cic Micro

This hearing aid offers the users a very discreet hearing solution. It is extremely small to fits in the user’s ear canal. Plus, it also offers every wide sound picture and may automatically adapt to various listening situations.

It utilizes the natural shape of the user’s ear to typically naturalize sound and is accessible in three attractive colors. Further, unique also comes with wind noise attenuation best system which reduces wind noise to make user’s hearing aid comfortable and easier to hear.

The soft level best noise reduction system is there to ensure you get maintained soft speech while the unwanted sounds are limited. In addition, it also comes with sound class technology which divides the listening environments into different nine distinct to better fit every wearer’s sound situation.

  • Evoke hearing aids

This type was created back in 2018 and it features natural sound, automatic sound processing, and performance in different listening environments. Evoke utilizes the latest machine learning to typically enhance listening comfort.

Further, it is compatible with smart technology which adapts users listening environments alongside reacting with audio changes. In addition, evoke comes in ten different colors and it is perfect for severe to mild hearing loss.

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  • Beyond hearing aids made for iPhone

Beyond hearing aids were first created for the iPhone and are compatible right with wireless DEX devices. There is a smartphone app that allows the users to control hearing aids comprising streaming, directional focus, hearing aid volume, and sound equalization adjustments.

  • Custom hearing aids

This type of hearing aid is designed with customer cosmetic selection even without compromising any sound quality. This means they can deliver high-performance and best sound processing alongside Bluetooth connectivity via DEX accessories.

Features and technology

  • Machine learning

This is where artificial intelligence forms, learning right from data to identify patterns and also make decisions on their own. In this case, the Soundsense learn technology in Widex comes with a hearing aid that allows users to listen to different sound profiles suggested right smartphones app. This feature improves personalized sound settings in different listening environments.

  • Rechargeable hearing aids

Widex has partnered with different Zpower suppliers to have rechargeable cordless solutions with lithium-ion being the best solution. This solution helps achieve a small hearing aid size and enhanced moisture protection.[ Read: Livio Hearing Aids: Is It Worth it?

  • Fluid sound Analyzer

This technology is to adjust different device settings to different environments while also minimizing the requirement for extra dedicated programs. Besides, this program can distinguish between the settings without or with speech to eventually allow both clarity and comfort in any environment.

Pros and Cons of Widex Hearing Aids

  • Water-resistant devices

You will love how this company offers water-resistant devices to cater to you even in rainy and wet conditions. The parts of their devices come with internal electrical parts and outer shells. Unfortunately, rain, moisture, and humidity can significantly affect the performance of any hearing aid.

  • Widex website is simple to navigate

According to the user Widex website is simple to navigate. You will always find detailed products updates on their official websites anytime you want. Further, there are still videos and photos if you require more information.

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  • Some can manage his device using tablet or smartphone

Widex devices most probably beyond ranges and Evoke come with control of the audio setting of the user’s hearing aid right from the smartphone. This advantage offers a lot of flexibility to users making them convenient all the time.

  • Has insurance coverage

Medicare supplements insurance tends to provide coverage over the price of your hearing aids. However, you first register with them to enjoy their benefits.

  • Has a variety of different hearing aids models comprising pediatric and adult selections
  • They provide no-obligation hearing aid trial and hearing evaluation
  • The company is fully committed to actively and sustainably cater their customers in the best way possible

The Cons

  1. The warranties depend right on each model and some have less than a year
  2. The Widex hearing aid cannot get purchased online but from their health care alongside professional hearing test
  3. They offer many hearing technologies and models which the process might feel overwhelming to some clients
  4. The main Widex wearing styles:
  5. Micro completely right in users canal
  6. Receiver in users canal

What to consider before using Widex Hearing aids?

  1. Any dexterity and visibility concerns
  2. Your level of the hearing loss
  3. Budget
  4. Category of the environments you mostly spend your time in
  5. The specific size of ear canals

Final verdict

Widex hearing aids have been in the market for the last 65 years according to the official website. This makes them be rated among the largest and best hearing aid manufacturers worldwide.

The most essential thing is talking with the doctor before using or even after the on-use of this specific device. Fortunately, they provide a free five-minute best hearing assessment, blog, and store locator which help someone fin g best hearing care near you that will meet your needs and expectations.


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