What Causes Ringing In The Ears: The Real Reason Why It happens

Ear ringing is becoming severe day after another to many individuals; What causes ringing in the ears is becoming a challenge? Therefore, it is essential to know the causes so you can try and avoid them.

Ringing in the ears is the condition where it is only you who experience it. Besides, some individuals might sound like clicking, other high-pitched while other might experience something different.

causes of ringing in the ears

Overall, when someone starts complaining about buzzing, clicking, or ringing in their ears, this is known as tinnitus. However, ringing in the ears is caused by many reasons and, without further ado, allows me to take you through the top-rate causes of ringing in the ears.

Top Rated causes of ringing in the ears

  • Middle ear infections

This condition is also known as otitis media. And happens when a bacterial get trapped inside your auditory tube. This is a small tube that runs right from the middle ear back to our throat, and when this auditory tube is obstructed or clogged, for example, by mucous, you start experiencing ringing in the ears.

Generally, a middle ear infection tends to be common in kids compared to adults because of the shape and size of the kid’s auditory tube. Therefore, if a middle ear infection causes ringing in the ears, someone is likely to experience symptoms such as vertigo, hearing loss, fever, and ear pain.

  • Medications

We usually take different medications based on what someone is suffering from. But there are certain medications that tend to cause severe ringing in our ears. And this type of medication is typically harmful to our ears. Medicines such as ototoxic might end up damaging our inner ear and cause hearing loss.

The popular medication that mostly causes this is aspirin when taken for a long time, or high does. Therefore, if you start experiencing ringing in the ears and for long you have been consuming aspiring, stop immediately.

Other related medications, which can cause ringing in the ears, are antibiotics such as gentamicin. In essence, some medications are really non-ototoxic though they lead to tinnitus via raising the victim’s blood pressure.

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  • Excess ear wax

Many of us tend not to believe that excess ear wax can cause ringing in the ears. Generally, this is because they block your ear canal, so you should utilize caution when removing ear wax from your ears. If your try doing it by yourself, avoid the ear candling, or preferably seek help right from the care provider around you.

  • Publicity to loud noise

Ear ringing, which occurs after many of us attend a particular concert, is increasing day after another. Even if you mostly listen to earbuds with too high volume can cause ear ringing with time. A loud noise tends to damage the small hair cells located in the cochlea, which are essential for hearing.

And once they get damaged, they cannot get recovered so avoid noises such as motorcycle engine, chain saws, blow dryers, kitchen blender, lawnmower, hand drills, shouting, etc.

Luckily, the good news is that noise-induced is preventable and prevents wear earplugs, turns down the high volume, and limits exposure to loud noises.

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  • Changes in the blood flow

Changes in our blood flow like anemia or high blood pressure can lead to ear ringing. And sometimes, these changes in blood flow tend to cause ear ringing, known as pulsatile tinnitus. Pulsatile got the sensation of patients heart beating right in their ears and it can still because by the tumors around or in the ear.

  • Hearing loss

The older we get, the more hearing we lose, and so we can likely experience the ringing in our ears.

  • Brain diseases and head injuries

A head injury like concussion or whiplash can typically lead to damage to the delicate inner structure of the ear, leading to tinnitus. Further, neurological diseases such as sclerosis can still result in ringing in the ear.

Disorders like acoustic tumors on the vestibular or auditory nerve can typically create tinnitus via pressing on neural connections. And other related causes of ear ringing are migraine headaches, acoustic neuroma, stress, migraine headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder, labyrinthitis, smoking, otosclerosis, etc.

  • Symptoms of ear ringing

Ear ringing is often described as tinnitus regardless of that there is no external sound present. But tinnitus can cause other related phantom noises in patients ears, such as :

  1. Humming
  2. Roaring
  3. Hissing
  4. Clicking
  5. Buzzing

Many individuals with tinnitus got subjective tinnitus, meaning they’re the ones who can only hear it. These tinnitus noises depend on pitch right from the low roar and high squeal or ear it with both ears.

And the sound might be too loud, even interfering with your capability of concentration or the hear external sound. In other cases, ringing in the ears can happen as a whooshing sound or rhythmic pulsing, frequently in duration with the patient’s heartbeat.

Complications of sudden ringing in ear

Earring affects individuals differently. Some people are affected by tinnitus significantly and while others are just like normal sounds. When you have ear ringing, you are likely to experience:

  1. Sleep problems
  2. Trouble concentrating
  3. Fatigue
  4. Irritability and anxiety
  5. stress
  6. sleep concerns
  7. Depression
  8. Issues with family life and work
  9. Headaches


What causes ringing in the ears can be a complicated process. Ear ringing can be a serious problem especially if it is severe. There are supplements out there that can help ease your pain however if the condition becomes worst it is recommended to seek professional advice.


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