Signia Hearing Aids Cost And Reviews: How Good Is This Brand?

Signia is a brand new Hearing Aids that was introduced by the company’s name Sivantos to eventually replace Siemens hearings aids. In another word, it is the new recent version.

Let us look at the Signia hearing aids reviews including all the recent complaints and report from consumers.

Why should trust our review process? Our goal is to always bring the best information to our readers, each review on our site goes to in-depth research by our experts and in the end, we decide whether this is worth trying or not.

If you have ever been affected by tinnitus or have a relative or a friend suffering from tinnitus before, you can testify how uncomfortable it is. Unfortunately, it can disrupt different areas of an individual’s life, including work, relationships, and overall health.

And sometimes, tinnitus can get debilitating, leading to serious depression and anxiety. Besides, there are many medications out there claimed to slow down the tinnitus irritation or even heal it. And if you are among tinnitus patients, you might have tried where some worked and others did not.

Don’t worry. I have deep-researched the recently, safe and effective used hearing aid devices tested and approved to come down or even stop your tinnitus.

Hearing aids are becoming popular day after day for us living with tinnitus; however, you need the top-rated and dependable hearing aids devices for best results. Without further ado, allow me to take you through below helpful reviews of the best hearing aids to try.

Signia Hearing Aids For Tinnitus Overview:

The Pros:The Cons
Signia was created by a reputable company that deals with hearing problems.Cons
(a) Expensive compared to other related hearing aids
They have different types of hearing aids such as the inner hear, behind the ear, and in the canalNot accessible online
Signia hearing aids are among the dependable Tinnitus solutionsSignia Hearing Customer reviews Send some mixed signals. Some consumers complain about the expensiveness of the brand.
It Comes with your own Voice processing and MyHearing app which is designed to effectively connect right to hearing care specialists.
Made with different attractive styles
Free hearing test
Custom fitting
MyHearing app is designed to effectively connect right to hearing care specialists.

Who created Signia Hearing Aid?

Signia was invented back in 2019 under Sivantos. A company that deals with drug, food, and hearing aids administration. Generally, this company provides a hearing test for individuals to typically determine if they are suffering from ear ringing.

Signia offers an active mobile app that lets their consumers and prospective clients communicate or get necessary assistance with their hearing specialist and from any location, even without being required to visit their offices.

Who are Signia hearing aids?

This is a new hearing aid company introduced by the Sivantos to eventually replace Siemens hearings aids. Besides, this brand is getting popular through its mixed reviews from customers who have used their devices before.

And their products are sold to more than 100 countries worldwide. It provides the current technology with slimline, attractive designs. These technologies allow the users to hear clearly, slowing down the irritation of tinnitus.

What is accessible from Signia’s hearing aid?

Essentially, Signia got a comprehensive line of best hearing aids. And they provide different types such as in the ear, in the canal, behind the ear, receiver & completely in -canal. I have made everything easier by listing the Signia models below alongside the specific category of hearing aid.

  • Silk X
Silk X

Silk X makes the small hearing aids more relaxing and comfortable. Silk X is delivered with various–sized sleeves that tend to make them readily accessible. And someone can select between two different colors the Mocha and Black. Further, this model is perfect for serious loss tinnitus.

  • Cros

Cros offers type ITE and BTE devices. Plus, it is designed for one-sided severe hearing loss, meaning it accommodates individuals suffering from one hearing loss. Besides, its wireless devices are designed to effectively transmit sound right from the ear suffering tinnitus to one without hearing loss. Additionally, Cros features active rechargeable Bluetooth and should get utilized with a hearing aid.

  • Styletto connect
best signia hearing aids styletto

You will love how stiletto is delivered with a handy and best-charging case. Plus, it is compatible with the best Signia’s myControl app because it features rechargeable lithium-ion cordless. It is made with a RIC model and features on-go charging and Bluetooth connectivity. Styletto is perfect for mild to modest loss of tinnitus.

  • Pure Charge go NX and charge
pure charge & go

The model is RIC, and it appropriate for all individuals who suffer from hearing loss. Besides, four various hearing aid comes with pure line, and each is accessible in ten multiple colors where four versions effectively connect with the Signia app. You will love how this device is rechargeable with your travel charger.

  • Insio NX
Insio Nx ITC:ICE

Insio Nx features a small design and comes with a different model, including ITC, CIC, ITE, and IIC. Besides, this device can effectively offer clear, natural sound and can still clarify in noisy environments. The colors vary by style and model, and it appropriate for moderate to worst hearing loss. In addition, this product features an invisible in-ear myHearing best app.

  • Motion Charge & Go
Motion BTE

Motion features a sleek rechargeable style, modern Bluetooth, and myControl app. plus, it is appropriate for patients with mild and moderate loss tinnitus. Motion charge is made with BTE type, and it can get a custom fit.

Besides, there three various models in this device; further, Bluetooth is enabled and comes with a helpful feature is known as own voice progressing that aids in making the users voice sound natural. Read: Otofonix Hearing Aids review

Signia accessories and app

As we discussed earlier, Signia features top-line technology (2), which makes its accessories and apps an excellent selection for individuals who crave for best hearing loss. Signia app allows the user to effectively control the hearing aids right from their smartphone. Below are accessories offered by Signia:

  1. StreamLine TV allows the user to stream the specific sound right from the user’s TV to the hearing aids.
  2. Mini pocket – it is a small yet helpful remote control that allows the user to control his hearing aids even without the Signia app.
  3. StreamLine Mic – this operates with Signia hearing aids to typically stream sound from the one who is speaking to around 65 feet or preferably connect to the Bluetooth devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets to listen to audiobooks, music, and more. Besides, streamLine operates with all digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.
  4. Bluetooth – This is effective because it makes connectivity simple for someone to stream sound right from their smart Tv, smartphone, music player, to hearing aid.
  5. OVP Signia best own voice processing – this technology makes the user’s voice more pleasant and natural compared to other related hearing aids that can distort the wearer’s voice.

Is it worth purchasing?

The simple answer is “ it depends.” Generally, it hard to tell the whole truth about Signia because the excellent bet is visiting a nose, eat, or throat specialist to eventually distinguish if your hearing loss will be related to the medical issue. Your doctor will advise you accordingly and can ultimately recommend this device if it helps treat your hearing loss. Also read: Oticon Hearing Aids Prices and Reviews

Signia hearing aids cost and Where to purchase?

Signia products are a bit expensive compared to other related, depending on the specific type the client will select. You should purchase from the original website to receive the right product.

Therefore, you will have to schedule appointments first to get a hearing evaluation to get advised which Signia category will fit your hearing loss. Overall, these devices take few weeks to get shipped right to your place.

Signia hearing aid price list 2020 -2021

Gadget NamePrice range:Type of hearing impairment
Pure Charge & Go Nx$1,700-$2,600Mild, Moderate, Severe, Profound
Insio Nx$1,400-$2,600Mild, Moderate, Severe
Silk Nx$1,300-$2,000Mild, Moderate, Severe
CROS$800-$1,300Unaidable hearing loss in a single ear

Signia Hearing Aids Customer Reviews?

Essentially, this type of hearing aids got mixed reviews from customers. In most cases, the consumers give these brands positive reviews regarding their customer services, technological options, and hearing quality. The customer advocate ranks this brand 3.5 stars but claims that it is challenging to provide a detailed and complete evaluation since it is a new brand.


Overall, Signia hearing aids can be an excellent selection for individuals who might want the recent technology in a streamlined and user-friendly device. Essentially, the company behind Signia rand is famous for providing functional and safe hearing aid and is also known for very innovative developments. But remember it is a new brand, meaning we don’t have the complete evaluation over it.


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