Otofonix Elite Reviews: Can This Hearing Aid Really Help?

Otofonix is headquartered in Huntersville and specializes in producing hearing amplifiers for different ages. Besides, this company designs superior–quality and affordable sound amplifiers with extra environmental sound amplification selection. Plus, their product is delivered with many easy and ready-to-use program settings as well as digital processing features.

But we shouldn’t ignore the fact that some consumers also express dissatisfaction with their product. Let us look at the Otofonix reviews from consumers to see if it is worth trying.

otofonix elite hearing amplifier

What is Otofonix exactly?

Unlike the traditional hearing aids, Otofonix’s devices improve the detectability and volume of all sounds. Their hearing aids are delivered with a set of different profiles meant to typically match specific environmental conditions like loud and quiet environments. Currently, this brand is offering five various hearing aids together with supporting accessories.

Otofonix Hearing aids Reviews

  • Otofonix Elite

Elite provides different improvements alongside the apex’s basic specifications and affordable prices compared to the traditional hearing aids. It features:

Ten volume levels
Rocker switch controls
Four customizable preset and best slots
Digital noise cancellation
  • Otofonix Sona

This is the recent model on this brand, and it can be controlled by the smartphone niche. Besides, this device comes with Bluetooth functionally and connects with users hone via the companion app.

Again, this app makes this device simple to switch among different presets discreetly. Further, it simplifies the procedure of adjusting customizable slots. Regardless of that, Sona does not feature Telecoil compatibility; it features:

Two slots size 13 cordless.
Directional microphones that allow the user to focus on a particular sound or person
More substantial digital best noise cancellation
  • Otofonix Encore

This model is quite the same for the elite; apart from that, it is slightly oversized. Its layout adds extra options appropriate for moderate hearing loss, which include:

Double directional microphones
Progressive digital noise cancellation that reduces background noise
Telecoil compatibility that allows the user to tap right to sound feed at theaters, cinemas, places of worship, etc
Powerful sound amplification which adds up to 53 dB of users hearing range
  • Otofonix Apex

Apex is the most affordable and essential among Otofonix products. Besides, this device is behind the BTE device and with a small earbud-safe receiver inside the user’s ear canal. Generally, the apex provides few additional frills and enough power to upsurge the user’s capability to understand soft speech and navigate chaotic environments. Overall this device features:

Eight volume levels
Three preset programs ( advance, standard, and noise treble)
Otofonix replacement parts and Accessories
  • Sound tubes

These are small, unique silicone tubes that connect the hearing aid using the ear right to the receiver inside your ear. Besides, consider replacing these tubes when they turn discolored or stiff.

  • EarHook best power kit

This device is manufactured from an encore model to help the user increase the sound and volume range detected by the user’s hearing aid.

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  • Ear domes

Ear domes are silicone domes attached that come attached to your hearing aids receiver and are meant to rest in your ear canal. Besides, the producers commend to replace them after three months or once they become stiff. Further, they can be opened or closed and accessible in three different sizes.

  • Replacement batteries

Otofonix hearing aid devices are delivered with six cordless, but you can still need more. And this case, you should purchase more on otofonix as they sell the best mercury-free cordless made by the powerOne.

How will I get started with Otofonix?

It is simple with the below guide. Besides, this company provides compelling sales with introductory discounts ranging about 50 percent off clients’ selected products. So you need:

  1. To test your specific hearing online
  2. Assess your hearing issue professionally
  3. Browse and compare
  4. Proceed to the checkout
  5. Await for your shipping
  6. Open your package
  7. Read the enclosed detailed instructions and watch the video
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of Otofonix

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Provides a good assortment of FDA approved accessories and devices
  2. Cheaper compared to the traditional and other related hearing aids
  3. 45-day free trial
  4. The devices are all resilient regardless of their discreet and small size
  5. Offers free shipping across the united states of America
  6. Come with lifetime remote assistance
  7. Currently offering 50 discount for every order


  1. Only accessible in BTE
  2. The sound output need to get improved ( be more metallic)
  3. This device is not appropriate for profound, severe hearing loss

What comes with Otofonix elite hearing amplifier?

  • One app guide
  • One cleaning brush
  • Two assembled Bluetooth best hearing aids
  • One shockproof, dependable travel case
  • Two medium and two large magic domes
  • Six open domes for the assorted sizes
  • Two of each #2 1 sound tubes
  • Six closed domes for the varied sizes

How safe is OTC?

What we say is that this brand is the top choice alongside verified customers. This is because their devices are backed with guarantees, a positive reputation, and mixed reviews.

The company claims to focus on the most reliable, best products while still bringing the user back into clear hearing and conversation. Also read Oticon Hearing Aids: Does It Really Help?

Conclusion On Otofonix Reviews

I am among the individuals who live with ringing-in ears disorder (S1), and I have come across many different devices recently in the market. But the critical thing Tinnitus patients should consider most is looking forward to investing in safe, useful, and dependable products that can slow down the irritation of our tinnitus or even heal it. And with many products, formulas, and supplements in the markets, even hearing aids are not exceptional.

Meaning without a supportive guide, you might end up choosing the wrong or ineffective hearing aid. Fortunately, I have made everything simple for you by reviewing the top-rated and reliable hearing aids you can try for your tinnitus. I have selected the above popular brands for reliability, many positive reviews compared to negative reviews, cost, special features, amplification, and comfort. Good Luck


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