Listen Lively Hearing Aids Cost And Consumer Reviews 2021

Lively is a new arrival brand recently in the market, but the reviews will drive you closer to their products and services. Besides, they are FDA-approved that are accessible for buying online. However, this hearing aid is not helpful to everyone, but the audiologist will aid you to be sure if this device will appropriately fit you.

Lively Hearing Aids Reviews Analysis, What do the consumers really think about these devices? is it worth investing your money? We will break down everything you must know before buying

Listen Lively consumer reviews

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Listen lively Hearing Aids Review:

The Pros: Advantages

  • Free ongoing support by a licensed and trained audiologist as well as online consultation
  • Low price services
  • Lively’s methods and technology are backed by peer-reviewed and well—renowned audiologist studies.
  • Well-rated and easy to use the best app
  • The convenience of the zero office visits – consultations, hearing tests, and adjustments happen right from home.
  • Flexibility to purchase their products
  • Lively mobile app for controlling the hearing aid settings any time
  • Come with a three-decade manufacturer’s warranty

Cons: what we don’t like

  • They sell one model only of hearing aid
  • No in-person bone conduction test, examinations, or fittings
  • Not appropriate for worst hearing loss

What are lively hearing aids?

Lively is a new arrival hearing aids with new technology which is equipped with noise-canceling capabilities; enables users to send calls, and able to stream music.

These hearing aids provide two different and dependable models, such as battery-operated and rechargeable options. Both features very customizable programs fit directional microphones and related environments to amplify specific sounds such as speech.

Further they both models are:

  1. Adjustable through a smartphone app
  2. Equipped with the noise-canceling technology
  3. Almost hidden and invisible behind the user’s ear
  4. Able to stream calls and music from users device
  5. Custom-programmed via the lively audiologist

How Does It Work?

It works by using new technology which allow users to hear better . This brand was invested back in 2019 and deal with different types of hearing aids. Therefore, to make sure their customers receive the best level of care tested and passed by the law.

Further, they sell helpful bundle deals, including hearing aids, a three-year plan covering demand appointments with specialist audiologists, access to a smartphone app, and protection against theft or loss, initial assessment.

Lively Product and Services

  • Lively hearing aids
This comprises of two hearing aids, one decade supply of active 312 cordless. Their models feature Streaming capabilities for music and phone calls.
Four different preset best settings which can get tweaked with the partner app
Anti-theft features and they operate through a smartphone app
An option for the tinnitus utilizing the white noise which distracts from the ringing in the ears
The hardware tends to get covered by over three-year warranty as well as a protection plan. Besides, lively makes the best use of the online hearing test, adjustments, and consultations to keep its cost lower compared to competitors.

  • Hearing exam

The lively hearing aids provide a very impressive and helpful exam at first glance. This test takes about ten minutes and is fully conducted online, including a short survey and tone test The CEDRA is meant to typically detect the issues related to customer hearing loss. And after the test, this brand will advise you accordingly. Also read: Signia Hearing Aids For Tinnitus

  • Remote control app

This is a smart app used by livery’s to aid someone control hearing aid right from his/her smartphone. This app is more comfortable and allows the user to turn off and on or changes the settings.

Further, it will enable users to send the incoming phone call right to their hearing aid, activate tinnitus relief mode and hand streaming function. Generally, this app will allow someone to contact the lively brand directly to:

Request video or phone call with an audiologist
Receive technical assistance
Locate users hearing device when you misplace it
Forward any calibrations or tweaks send via audiologist to the device through Bluetooth.

Listen lively hearing aids cost and where to buy?

If you choose to get the one with the battery power it can cost around $1850. The rechargeable package costs $2400 for the pairs

The rechargeable bundle costs $2,400 for the pair.

You first need to undergo the hearing test on their specific website before receiving the hearing aids. The online test will then give you a clear idea of whether their hearing aid will suit you. Essentially, this company provides free returns and shipping, and some insurance policies might cover it.


Purchasing this aid is convenient and easy, but it is not helpful for individuals with profound hearing loss. Therefore, whether you will purchase directly from an audiologist or online, undergoing the hearing exam is a must according to lively brand.


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