How to Maintain A Healthy Prostate Naturally?

Having a healthy prostate is every man’s wish, but keeping it healthy is the ultimate challenge. Knowing how to maintain a healthy prostate isn’t as challenging if you know how to achieve that best.

maintaining a healthy prostate

You need to regularly check your prostate through doctor appointments, preferably once every year. Above all, taking a proper diet and avoiding foods that might compromise it helps. Being active through exercise helps, and you don’t have to wait until it’s too late. Moreover, higher sexual activity should be handy.

We delve into how to maintain a healthy prostate and examine the possibility of whether or not it’s achievable.

What keeps A Man’s Prostate Healthy?

A healthy prostate should have lower prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and function optimally. It should always be the size of a walnut, and while it substantially grows with age, it shouldn’t go to a size that’s more than a ping-pong ball.

It should support healthy semen production and shouldn’t ache. Your prostate might be in trouble if it doesn’t meet any of the above thresholds.

You can check your prostate at home to determine whether or not it’s healthy. However, you’d rest assured that your diagnosis is comprehensive when a professional does it. Some people might offer to take the easiest route to check the status of their prostates at home.

The process involves assessing the rectum for signs of an enlarged prostate, which can only be risky and ineffective.

What Should You Do to Maintain a Healthy Prostate?

You’re spoilt for choice for what you can do to keep your prostate healthy. And the best thing is that you don’t always have to do much but slightly alter your daily routine and habits.

Here are what you can do to maintain a healthy prostate.

  • Maintain A Healthy Diet

Taking a proper meal rich in all nutrients the body needs is a no-brainer. However, taking specific foods that help your prostate stay in shape is the ultimate cheat code. Remember, like the other organs, the prostate needs proper feeding; ideally, you need adequate food.

As such, you should consume white meat, including fish and poultry cold cuts, and healthy nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts. Above all, a rich supply of citrus fruit and green vegetables, including kale and spinach, should be handy.

You should avoid foods that harm your prostate and cause nagging problems. Red meats aren’t usually suitable for your prostate. Processed meat is also in the mix, which you shouldn’t consume colossally. High-fat dairy and other saturated fats can also compromise your prostate health, making your effort to maintain a healthy prostate strenuous.

  • Take Dietetic Supplements

Dietic supplements can effortlessly help you maintain a healthy prostate if you get one from a trusted manufacturer. These supplements contain natural ingredients that help flush toxins from your prostate.

Besides, they tag along with helpful nutrients that boost your prostate’s ability to function as it should. The best part about these supplements is that they’re legitimate if you pick one based on rigorously assessing their credibility. Also read: Can An Enlarged Prostate Return Back To Normal?

One more essential part of these supplements is that you don’t have to wait until your prostate gets compromised to use them, unlike medication. Moreover, they offer other health benefits to improve your libido, stamina, and urge to engage your sexual partner.

  • Get Regular Screening

You’ll never understand whether or not your prostate is facing looming trouble if you don’t get screened. The lack of regular screening has got most men late into treating their ill-fated prostates, sometimes putting them in a more compromising position to live their everyday and happier lives.

Prostate cancer, for instance, is treatable when it’s beginning to develop but impossible to when it’s in the advanced stages. Worse, it could spread to other internal body parts, making it incredibly challenging to treat.

Regular screening, at least once every year, can help you maintain a healthy prostate. However, the screening frequency should depend on your prostate’s current situation and whether it has any issues. While doing the screen at home is also possible, it’d be best to involve a trained professional who understands how to determine if your prostate is healthy.

  • Get More Sun

Most men underestimate the power of getting outdoors and getting some sun. However, it can be your perfect way of preventing prostate problems and keeping healthy. But in case you hate the sun, you don’t have to spend hours sunbathing, but only a few minutes that won’t even tan your skin. If you stay indoors for the best part of the day, getting a few-minute walk each day can save your prostate and help you maintain it.

Sunlight helps your body manufacture vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy prostate. This vitamin helps minimize your predisposition to prostate cancer and other ailments, including BPH and prostatitis. You can also take vitamin D-rich foods to supplement more of it and keep yourself healthy and happy in the long haul.

  • Take Exercises That Help the Body Release Antioxidants

General exercises suit your body, but prostate-targeted ones are even better. While exercising with your prostate in mind, you need to hand-pick your workouts to maintain it effectively. Some of the best exercises you can use include the following.

Kegels – These exercises target the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them well enough to facilitate sustained erections. However, they’re also handy in enabling your body release antioxidants that help your prostate. Read: Is Prostadine A Scam Or Legit– Can This Really Help Support Prostate?

Kegels are easy to do, and you only need to tighten your pelvic floor for about 20 seconds before releasing them. While urinating, try holding urine back for that span before releasing it. Or you can do that when seated on your chair and not necessarily when in the bathroom.

Interval Training – Interval training tricks the body into burning belly fat, a notorious cause of BPH and prostate cancer. Unlike regular exercising, your body hardly adapts to a workout routine which might result in reduced metabolism. Instead, it gets random workout sessions, prompting it to burn belly fat.

Aerobic Exercise – These exercises don’t require lifting heavy but work your body through simple stretching, jumping jacks, or sit-ups. However, heavy and intense workouts wouldn’t harm your chances of maintaining a healthy prostate, which include intense weight-lifting and more extended sustained treadmill runs.

  • Stay Sexually Active

You can well maintain a healthy prostate quite leisurely by having regular sex. Ejaculating more frequently helps you flush toxins and free radicals that accumulate in and around your prostate, minimizing your chances of having possible prostate problems. Studies have confirmed that regular sex can help you maintain a healthy prostate. Significantly so, young men benefit more from having regular sex as it slows down prostate enlargement and other nagging complications.

Having sex twice or more per week can save you from prostate problems. Also, experts are trying to prove whether or not masturbation can have a similar impact on the prostate. However, both lead to eventual ejaculation, and you can reap virtually similar benefits.


You can do virtually anything to protect your prostate and maintain it healthily. However, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising more regularly, and being sexually active can save you some trouble. Moreover, exercising with the prostate in mind should help you tailor your workouts to keep your prostate healthy.


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