How to Get Rid of Tinnitus Fast: 8 Possible Techniques

How to Get Rid of Tinnitus may require some patience since tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom that shows your hearing system is not functioning right. Because of this, it does not get treated like any other hearing disease.

how to get rid of tinnitus

Can tinnitus be cured? There is no actual cure for tinnitus but there are remedies you can use to help get rid of it. The most successful way of having tinnitus going away is by managing it using different techniques and remedies.

What are the most effective treatments for tinnitus?

  • Tinnitus retraining therapy

When you visit an audiologist, they may decide to put you up to tinnitus retraining therapy which is an effective way of treating tinnitus. The brain can interfere with the sound of tinnitus.

With this therapy, tinnitus patients can reduce any negative reactions. In this therapy, sound therapy is used to help you manage to deal with all kinds of sounds that surround you.

  • Progressive tinnitus management

This treatment system came into existence in 2005. The Veterans Health Administration in the United States is responsible for its creation. Military employees are highly exposed to loud noises and because of this, most end up getting tinnitus. Progressive tinnitus management has been of great help to military veterans and this is why it is vouched for.

The program starts with being educated about the program and at-home sound therapy they can try out. Then you get to see an audiologist who will test to see how bad your tinnitus is and also help find a solution to it. Progressive tinnitus management urges tinnitus patients to use relaxing sounds when they are in quiet areas.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This kind of therapy is there to assist people with tinnitus reduce any negative impacts that are associated with tinnitus. Working with a therapist can help find the root of you getting tinnitus especially if it is not related to any medical condition.

In most cases, individuals with tinnitus get it because of being depressed or stressed out. The moment you get to work on your depression, tinnitus starts reducing its impact on your life.

How do you get rid of tinnitus?

1.    Taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs

As discussed above, some have tinnitus because of anxiety or depression. This means that the moment you deal with these two, it does help reduce tinnitus. The less depressed you get, the more the chances of getting rid of tinnitus.

2.      Nutritional supplements

Supplements do improve your general health and this is why people use them. Nutritional supplements do improve the quality of your life as they keep you safe from getting some diseases and also help treat others. Tinnitus can go away due to the use of nutritional supplements.

3.      Exercising the body

For your overall well-being, it is always an excellent idea to exercise your body. This is because it causes a great flow of blood all around the body. Stress can cause tinnitus and the moment you relieve your body from stress by exercising, you get closer to getting rid of tinnitus.

4.      Hearing aids

Hearing loss can have tinnitus as its symptom. A hearing aid does come in handy where a person wants to get rid of tinnitus. This small device allows you to be very familiar with external noises as it amplifies the volume of the noise. Because of this, your brain improves in how it processes sounds. Hearing aids help you hear better and when you do, your tinnitus reduces.

5.      Modified sound machines

Modified sound (2)machines are an incredible idea for people with tinnitus as they help get rid of the tinnitus sounds. These machines are very effective but they do not offer any permanent results to you treating tinnitus. You get tinnitus to go away but for that moment when you are using the sound machine.

6.      Treating obstructions

Hearing loss is the main reason for tinnitus but there are times when tinnitus can be because of the temporomandibular joint having problems. If this is the case, you should undergo a dental procedure to correct the problem. In doing so, you will have dealt with the dental problem and also helped get rid of tinnitus.

7.       Mindfulness meditation

Meditating is peaceful and relaxing. This is why people take time to meditate as it clears your mind. Mindfulness meditation is effective because it allows people to concentrate on their breathing without thinking about the challenges in their lives. This kind of meditation is good for people with tinnitus as they get to draw away focus from their tinnitus making it go away for a moment. This is worth it.

8.      Devices that mask sounds

The best part about these devices is that they help mask tinnitus sounds. This is because they offer you a chance to concentrate on the external noise which takes your focus away from any internal tinnitus sounds that are taking place. There are so many different devices that someone can purchase to help with masking sounds.


How to get rid of tinnitus may not be an overnight process. Tinnitus does not have a specific cure but it does have the means of reducing it and eventually getting rid of it.

Most people who suffer from tinnitus can use the above remedies and treatment options to get rid of tinnitus even if it is for a moment. It is so worth it as you get to enjoy other sounds that surround you. You get to improve the quality of your life once you find your way around getting rid of tinnitus.


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