Fat Burning Tea For Weight Loss: When To Drink It?

Being overweight is a big problem affecting many around the world. Someone with excess weight is not only at risk of various diseases like high blood pressure and heart problems but is segregated or mistreated by many. This tends to affect them emotionally, forcing them to try different ways of losing weight to keep fit and feel proud.

when to drink fat burning tea

There are various ways one can reduce weight, including persistent exercise, dieting plans, and drinking fat-burning tea like green tea. Persistent practice requires total commitment and might take a while to experience changes. Therefore, many people avoid the method even though experts claim it is the best. 

Use of dieting plans like the Keto Diet plan and GOLO Diet plan are other excellent ways you can rely on to reduce weight. However, the methods are not safe for everyone and require you to follow strict rules to function.

Since other methods require a commitment that most people cannot meet, they turn to the use of fat-burning tea. It is a method with extreme benefits, making it popular. Though fat-burning tea features several varieties, most have similar ingredients; they have similar benefits. The best fat-burning Tea currently available is Tea Burn.

These fat-burning tea varieties are made of very beneficial ingredients like catechins compound featuring epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate, and EGCG, thus benefiting the users with the below benefits.  

Benefits of Fat-Burning Tea

There are many benefits associated with these fat-burning tea varieties. Here are some of them.

  • Helps to combat cancer
  • It enhances your metabolism 
  • Improve brain functioning 
  • It improves digestive well-being, which in return aids in reducing weight in the body.

However, to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, you need to know exactly the best time to drink tea. Unlike the normal tea, which you can drink any time you feel like it, fat-burning tea has recommended time for the user to experience its benefits. So, when should you drink the fat-burning tea?

It would be better to note that the time you decide to drink the tea determines the result you will receive. For instance, if you drink it during the best time, it works efficiently, but the impacts will be adverse if you take it during the worst time. 

To learn the best and worst time to drink fat-burning tea, continue reading.

When should I Drink Fat-Burning Tea?

You are not taking the tea for fun or to quench your thirst but reap its benefits. Therefore, you need to stick with the recommended time. When it comes to doing something beneficial to our health, the right thing to do is stick with the prescription. Fat-burning tea is no different, and if you fail to have it during the right time, you might experience negative effects or gain no results you wanted. 

According to studies, the best time to drink your fat-burning cup of tea is in the morning, before your routine workouts. This is a perfect time, especially for those aiming to cut off a certain amount of weight. [Also read: Does Tea Really For Weight Loss]

Taking your fat-burning tea and then leaving for exercise increases metabolism in the body. Since there is no additional starch in the body, the excess fat you badly want to get rid of becomes subject to metabolism. The energy required to keep your muscles striving during the exercise is derived from the fat, thus reducing the presence of fat in your body, resulting in significant weight loss.

Additionally, fat-burning tea contains a considerable amount of L-theanine and caffeine. These two ingredients efficiently improve your sulk and enhance your attention level during the day. Therefore, taking the tea in the morning helps cut off the unwanted weight from the body and brightens the rest of your day.

Now that we are aware of the best time to have the tea, it would be wise to know the worst time to avoid negative effects that might arise from the tea. Remember, this fat-burning tea is like medicine, and you should stick to the prescription.[Read: How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally]

What is the Worst Time to Have Fat-Burning Tea?

The primary purpose of fat-burning tea is to increase the metabolism in the body. Therefore, you might think taking the tea after having dinner could do better. How wrong are you? This is the last thing you should do. When your body is at rest, the metabolism rate is usually very low because your body requires very little energy. 

But, for the tea compounds to work, your body should be active, if not super active. Therefore, it becomes very hard for the tea to be effective right after having your meal.  

The worst time to swap a cup of fat-burning tea is after feeding and in the evening. This is because the tea contains various compounds that can muddle with particular raw materials present in the food blocking their absorption in the bloodstream. 

Nutrients like copper, chromium, and iron are some of the raw materials that might not be engrossed in your body if you take the fat-burning tea instantly after feeding. 

As I mentioned earlier, fat-burning tea has caffeine. Therefore, drinking tea before leaving for bed might be a bad idea. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps your mind awake for a long time; thus, if you take the tea, you risk falling asleep, which is the last thing you want after having a tiresome day.

Moreover, it might subject you to high blood pressure, tension, and agitation, which are also side effects of caffeine. If you are using fat-burning tea for whatever reason, it is best to avoid taking it during these worst periods to experience its benefits.

Sticking to the best time, which is morning, works better for every reason behind its use, especially if you are looking forward to burning fat in the body. 


Fat-burning tea is convenient in reducing weight but only if taken at the right time, which is in the morning right before indulging in your exercise session. This is the only time you can reap the maximum benefits of the tea. 

On the other hand, the tea contains compounds that might negatively affect your body if taken at the wrong time. In the evening and right after feeding is the worst time to make the tea. The reason being it contains compounds that can combine with particular nutrients available in the food like copper, iron, and chromium, thus preventing their absorption in the bloodstream.

Caffeine is another ingredient present in the tea that acts as a stimulant. Therefore, it might lead to a lack of sleep if the tea is taken during bedtime. It can also result in high blood pressure, tension and nervousness. 

Therefore, it is better to understand the right time to take the tea to reap all its benefits and avoid its negative effects.             


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