Can An Enlarged Prostate Go Back To Normal On Its Own

A prostate’s standard size should be no bigger than a ping pong ball; anything on the extreme can signal trouble. An enlarged prostate isn’t always a good sign, and the resulting symptoms can be appalling. So, it’s typical to wonder whether your enlarged prostate can knock off the trouble and go back to normal on its own.

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An enlarged prostate can mostly go back to normal on its own. However, that’s not always guaranteed if the cause is extreme (like cancer) or the condition has worsened beyond the body’s ability to repair it. Can an enlarged prostate go back to normal on its own? This article helps you find out more.

How Do You Know Your Prostate Is Not Normal?

Your prostate will coherently communicate any signs of abnormalcy, which you shouldn’t ignore. While they sometimes gush at you, showing up almost quickly, most enlarged prostate symptoms begin to show up steadily. If the issue isn’t so profound, you might feel a little pinch in your abdominal area. However, this pain might exacerbate and traumatize you as the problem worsens.

Primarily, any problem in your prostate results in inflammation. You might start experiencing urinary problems, including the escalated urge to urinate, which sometimes can be a false call.

Moreover, you might feel a bit more pain when urinating that may not feel so regular, and your sleep patterns could change. Then, you should know that your prostate is compromised and enlarged, which should get you concerned.

Can Your Enlarged Prostate Go Back to Normal? What Science Says

While it could be clear that your prostate has enlarged and it’s taking a toll on you, most men don’t even realize that they have this condition. Of course, a little pain is typical, but it can sometimes be too suppressed to notice. Particularly so, you may hardly realize that your prostate is enlarged if any of the symptoms go away without you raising a finger. Mostly, however, the discomfort that tags along can ring a bell.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reviews whether an enlarged prostate can go back on its own. In their overview, they claim that some men can have their symptoms receding and eventually disappearing, signaling their enlarged prostates returning to normal without intervening with treatment. So, could your prostate return to its original state without medical or natural interventions? Indeed, it can.

To Which Extent Can an Enlarged Prostate Refuse to Gets better on its own?

While your prostate can go back to normal without intervening, you should understand that it might only happen when the cause isn’t severe. However, if a tumor develops, there’s no chance that you’ll register any signs of normalcy after a while.

Instead, your condition could worsen by the day, and you’ll find it incredibly challenging to treat. While you may ignore any discomfort emanating from your prostate, it’s usually best to check in with your doctor to determine the root of the problem.

Remember, while the actual cause of prostate enlargement hasn’t come to light, scientists have established the risk factors that lead to the condition occurring. Obesity can be one, and hormonal changes can be another.

Advanced age could also play in. If any of these causes are the reason for your adversity, you shouldn’t be worried much about your prostate going back to normal because it possibly will.

How Long Should You Know Your Prostate Issue Is Severe?

Your prostate issue could take six to 12 months to normal. But that’s only when you take your medications and adhere to the dosage instructions. However, it can be severe and confounding if you don’t subscribe to any treatment. While you can wait to determine if your condition is improving (which isn’t always recommended), you should wait for over a year to know if your prostate is worsening.

If the cause of your prostate enlargement isn’t severe, your urinary symptoms should gradually recede within a year. However, you should know that you need better medical attention if nothing seems to be going right.

What Should You Do If Your Prostate Doesn’t Go Back to Normal on Its Own?

While you may wait for your urinary problems signaling prostate enlargement to go back to normal, you shouldn’t always be sure they will. Contrary to what you expect, your prostate condition could be worse than you think, so booking an appointment with your doctor should be handy.

If your prostate enlargement symptoms don’t show any signs of receding after a few months, please schedule a consultation with your health provider for further assessment.

Your health provider should assess your problem’s extent by evaluating your prostate. Mostly, they’d offer a screening test to determine the extent of your prostate enlargement and the cause behind it. You’ll need to undergo possible medical treatment, or your doctor might recommend that you naturally treat your condition at home.

Can An Enlarged Prostate Gets Better Without Medications?

Your prostate condition should be less severe if your health provider recommends treating it naturally. However, please delicately handle your situation if you need medications to eliminate it.

You can maintain enlarged prostate naturally and without using any medicines if it shows signs of returning to normal. However, you should always yearn to adhere to your dosage instructions to get your prostate working normally if you’re to use medications.

The best part about treating your prostate without medications is that you only need a slight change of routine. That should help you incorporate a proper diet, exercises, and other practices that help you minimize your prostate enlargement’s impact.

If your prostate enlargement symptoms fail to recede without taking medications after a while, please schedule a doctor’s appointment for a check-up. The cause could be more concerning, and the condition might be worrying.

What Alternatives Can Help Deal with an Enlarged Prostate?

If your prostate refuses to return to normal, you should speak to your doctor for further advice. Medications might offer much-needed relief, and you should be back to feeling normal if they work. Read: Prostadine Scam Review:Is It Worth Trying For Prostate Health?

However, you might as well opt for a prostatectomy, which should obviously be your last resort. Doctors usually recommend this procedure if your prostate issue is terminal.

The process involves removing a part or entire prostate if your condition is beyond repair. However, you should know that this process might leave a mark of its high intrusiveness. People who undergo this procedure can have a few nagging side effects, including urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, you’d feel better living without a prostate with a few bite marks than having to endure one that steals your peace of mind.


If you’ve ever wondered, your enlarged prostate can go back to normal and function as it used to. However, that’s only possible if the cause isn’t severe, a case of tumors developing. But while you may opt to wait for everything to go back to normal, sometimes you’d be making a mistake doing so. Remember, prostate cancer can start and slowly become untreatable if you wait for a long. Later treatment can be impossible, and you can be in a tricky position to navigate this issue. If possible, try establishing the root of your prostate enlarging to stay safe.


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