5 Best Tinnitus Masking Devices You Can Try

This article has combined the best tinnitus masking devices including DIY options, sound machines, and hearing aid devices that you can use.

sound masking devices for tinnitus

It is a fact that tinnitus affects most people in today’s world where there are loud noises almost everywhere you go. Loud noises can come from gunshots, concerts, big machines in the factories, or even in the stadiums where fans are cheering and supporting their teams.

If you have ever been slapped right on your ear, then you know about that buzzing sound that disturbs you for some time before it fades away.

Now, think of a situation where this ringing, buzzing, or ticking sound is constantly distracting your daily activities such as work and sleep. If you are suffering from tinnitus, there are masking devices available in the market that will help get rid of that annoying sound coming from your inner ear.

What is a tinnitus Masker?

A tinnitus masking device is a hearing aid designed to help eliminate the sound of tinnitus by narrow the noise at the lower band level.

Hearing Aid For Tinnitus Masking:

  • DIY Masking option

If you are a DIY person then you might want to try a few moves to help eliminate that buzzing sound from your ear. Most people, if not everyone today, have smart speakers in their homes. If you are one of those people, you can try playing ambient white noise.

Furthermore, you can opt to buy wireless headphones such as Airpods and access the tinnitus app via your phone. Additionally, a fan or humidifier also acts as a masking device for tinnitus. The noise it produces can help alleviate buzzing and ringing in your ears to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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  •   Masking sound machines

Another option that many have found helpful is using a tinnitus masking sound machine. You can place this sound machine by your bedside when you sleep. It is simple and easy to use, and it is fitted with various sounds. So, you can choose a sound that you are more comfortable with.

Some of the best sound masking devices you can opt for include:

Lectrofan sound device

You can find this sound device on Amazon among other places. It is small and simple, thus it does not require too much space. It can easily fit just next to your bedside lamp. Also read: Top rated Tinnitus Hearing Aids That Works Best

It features a 20 diverse sound and comes with a range of settings. These different sounds make it easy to reach a wide range of tinnitus frequencies. Lectrofan masking sound devices are cost-friendly.

Moreover, it has a volume button to help you adjust the level you are comfortable with while sleeping. It is also AC or USB powered.

Lectrofan Micro2 Sound masking device

Micro2 from Lectrofan is another sound device you can use. It is lightweight and portable. It comes equipped with 11 different sound settings including white, pink, and brown noises together with ocean and fan sounds.

Unlike its predecessor, it has some additional features. It has a wireless Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your phone and access the tinnitus app or any music of your choice.

Additionally, it has an inbuilt microphone through which you can speak to access music straight from your phone. Lastly, this device will provide you with up to 40 hours of battery life while in sleep mode.

  • Hearing aids

Hearing aids are another tinnitus masking device you can decide to use. These devices help in two different ways. One, it amplifies the sounds around you.

Since most people with this condition also experience hearing loss, amplifying the sounds around you helps your brain to concentrate on the sounds in the outside world rather than those in your ear.

Two, manufacturers have developed hearing aids that are fitted with masking sounds like white noise to help alleviate the pain caused by tinnitus.

There are many hearing aid devices (P1)in the market fitted with the latest tinnitus technology. Here are a few devices worth considering:

  • ReSound One

ReSound One is one of the best hearing aids currently in the market. It is small in size and has some additional cool features that you may find useful. It has Bluetooth enabling you to connect to your smart devices so that you can listen to music. Better still it can connect to the TV when you have a TV Streamer.

You do not have to struggle with low or high volume, as it is easy to regulate the volume via volume buttons located at the back of the hearing aid.

What makes it stand out is that it comes with a ReSound app that enables you to control the device via your phone. It provides you with 30 hours of battery life when on sleep mode and at least 25 hours when you are streaming music.

Lastly, it is easy to customize. All your audiologist needs to do is log into the app and adjust the device remotely.

Signia Styletto Connect

Styletto Connect from Signia is another great hearing aid with great features. First, it is easily customized and it comes with three setting treatment levels. The first level comes with a variety of static tinnitus masking frequencies. The second level features an ocean sound to help you relax and the third level uses notch therapy.

The best thing about Stylleto Connect is that it trains your brain to ignore tinnitus sounds, so in instances where you forget to wear the hearing aid, you will not hear buzzing or ringing sounds. It provides you with 19 hours of battery life when in sleep mode and close to 16 hours when streaming music. It comes fitted with Bluetooth, but it only connects to Apple devices.

Final thoughts on The Best Tinnitus Masking Devices

Tinnitus should not prevent you from enjoying life. This guide compiled some of the best tinnitus masking devices you can decide to purchase to alleviate that annoying buzzing, ringing, or humming sounds from your ear.


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